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Subject: College 101 part 1: My Arrival This is a work of erotic story telling. It will contain graphic
scenes of gay sex while having a story line of love, lust, pain, and
greatness. If this is objectionable to or illegal for you, please do not
read it. This story is by the author. His permission Sexy Preteen Models must be obtained for
any use of this story other than reading it on the Nifty site. This story
will be long. I will try to post chapters as rapidly as possible. I hope
you find it very interesting. Thank you Blacksuit7000cs.comCollege 101By
I wonder what it would be like to make it all night without
vomiting, I asked Jason. Why would you want to man it’s the whole point to
partying? I know but sometimes I think why do we do it, I told Jason hoping
he wouldn’t argue with me. You the great I. M. Robinson, the only guy in
this dorm that can Sexy Preteen Models out drink anyone who enters. Alcohol leads to being
drunk then to fun and then to getting laid, Jason said.J (Jason’s nick name I had given him the first day we met) you have always
have a one-track mind, I said to him. Were going to be frat brothers what
am I supposed to do, he smiled the most devious smile. We were both in our
room looking at the mirror getting ready for tonight’s last party. You see
when I say last I mean the last party for us freshman that were going to
start pledging tomorrow. But how would you all know that. Please let me
take you back in time, lets start at the beginning. My first day at the Big
ten school in Bloomington Indiana. Sexy Preteen Models
My name is Ian Mathew Robinson, I live in a small Indiana town, I
play hockey, and some track and field. I am 6 foot tall, blonde hair, my
mom says I have baby blue eyes. I can say I am athletically fit; I Sexy Preteen Models try to
exercise in the gym at least 4 times a week. But now I am packing to leave
home to go to Bloomington to start college. Man I’m so excited, I feel like
a damn woman though I have at least two suitcases 2 duffle bags and a box,
not to mention all the crap my mom is packing that I will end up not
using. Always prepare for anything she always says, little did she know I
was about to have a life altering reality change. Of course I didn’t know
that yet. You see Sexy Preteen Models I had a high school sweat heart and after graduation we
decided to break up neither of us wanted a long distance relationship. The
sex was good and she was the only girl I had been with. I took pride in
that fact; my parents raised me, and my two sisters to have good morals. I
appreciated the way they thought us to appreciate what we worked for. A lot
of people work hard to get what they want but they never take the time to
appreciate it afterward. My dad always told me this. As a kid we always
took trips to the lake and go camping for weeks at end. Well I had everything in order except a little help to get all my
shit down stairs. I picked my cell phone up and autodialed my high school
best friend. Tom was going to stay and work at his dads auto body shop. Ah
to be able to just enter into the working world I pondered. Then I
remembered all the fun I was going to have at college. Sucks to be him. I
thought you were going to break away to come help me pack. Yeah I’m already
done. No I won’t wait Sexy Preteen Models on you. I smiled knowing I would wait to say
goodbye. All right hurry, I said I hang up the phone and put it in my
pocket. Seconds later I heard Toms massive dodge ram pull up. Had a few
good times in the extended cab with my x. Man was I Sexy Preteen Models trashed then. That was
the old days. I heard mom yell Tom was here as he bounced down into my
basement room. I got to hurry bro nobodies watching the shop and I can’t
let my younger brother have a chance to fuck anything up, Tom said with a
frown on his face. Tom was a tall six foot four slender dark looking
guy. We had been friends since elementary. Your going to write, call, and
come get me for parties, Tom asked smiling. Sure I said. He grabbed my two
duffle bags and slung them across his shoulders and then picked up my two
suitcases. I picked up my box full and headed to the door. Tom had already
bolted upstairs; I turned around to look at my room. I felt almost sad to
leave the room I grew up in but I knew I was going to have so much fun in
the dorms and the parties, what a nightlife I was going to have. I turned
and headed up the steps. Mom was there she pointed to the door. Your dad
and Tom are already outside I am locking up. I headed outside to the car
and gave dad my box he fit it in the trunk. How I don’t know but dad had a
thing for organization. Well bud I have to go but I guess I’ll give you
what every best friend should give his bud when he leaves to go to another
life. He stepped towards me and I backed away. No man I don’t want your
kiss, I said. Very funny man very funny Tom said. He stepped forwards and
put his arm around me his hug was long and painful when he released his
grip and backed away I noticed a little box in my jacket pocket. I knew he
had slipped a box of condoms in my pocket. I looked up at him and he smiled
and said turn about is fair play. He climbed into his truck and I walked up
to o the window. Mom and dad were both getting into the car. You come back
and see us around here city slicker, Tom was almost giggling as he tilted
his baseball cap up. You can count on it, besides I’ll see you at
Thanksgiving, I assured him. He reached out his hand and I gave him a low
five. I turned around and walked toward the car. Tom blew the horn as he
drove away. I opened the car door and got in the back seat. We pulled out of the drive and I looked back my heart fluttered in
disbelief as the view of my house become smaller and smaller. Your mom has
packed some essentials in the large bag, dad said. Man mom why did you use
that stupid 3-ton airport bag, I wined. I could have used 16 shopping bags,
she said. No he’ll like the bag mother, my dad said sternly. We didn’t talk
for almost an hour by that time we had entered Bloomfield almost there now
son a half an hour. You excited, mom said. Yes I replied.There are a few ground rules I want to lay down, dad said. I was thinking
man I am 18 and they act like I am 12. Mom reached back and gave me a card,
Looks like a birthday card I said. Dad replied don’t open it until I
finish. Your mom and me want you to have the best college years so we set
up a fund for you to use it when you need it, we did this for both your
sisters and so we do it for you. I was shocked. You can use it anytime you
need “essential” items. No alcohol if you want to drink son you use your
money. Sure dad I said. We know you will go through many trials and
temptations son but remember no what we love you and you are always welcome
to come home, mom said tearing up. The ride was short as I was flying
high. We entered Bloomington and as we got close to campus I felt proud the
buildings look so great there were guys and girls everywhere walking biking
and the bus system was running. We pulled up to the dorm and signs were
posted directing were to go for orientation. I had already attended a
session earlier when I had toured the school. It was different now, now I
was going to live hear and go to school. Dad pulled up behind another car
and stopped he pushed a button on the dash and popped the trunk. We all got
out. Dad said he would help me with my bags mom stood there looking like
she was going to ball her eyes out. I’ll stay with the car she suggested. A
guy ran by me with Sexy Preteen Models
just relay short jogging shorts on with half a cheek
hanging out. He looked back at me Sexy Preteen Models
with a smile. My dad looked astonished by
what he was wearing. We made are way into the building barley. There was a
front desk with a welcome committee there. Stacks of papers and other crap
lie around. I was handed a bag full of papers and welcomed to The
University. We entered the elevator I felt bad because we nearly couldn’t
get everything in. Just as the door was closing a guy reached his hand in
to stop the door? Sorry he said as the door opened he his eyes grew almost
immediately at the amount of stuff. He was about my height but was tan and
looked very athletic he wore a green hoodie with gray sweatpants, and a
pair of dingy sandals. He had a lacrosse stick in his hand. Can I squeeze
in he said. Sure if you can my dad said. What floor my dad asked, third he
said. That’s the same as Ian my dad said turning to the guy. Relay he said
looking at dad. I am in room 323, I said. Relay he said he leaned over to
shake my hand, I am headed to that room, and I just unpacked. I shook his
hand and said Jason right. Yeah how did you know my name? I read you stick,
I said. He started giggling. My dad started to laugh and told Jason we
would make a good match as roommates. The door to the elevator opened and
my dad picked up the suitcases. Man let me help you guys here Jason bent
over and picked up the monster 3 ton black duffle bag. He tossed it over
his back. Man you bring the farm with ya, he said. My mom, I said. Oh ok,
he replied with an eyebrow half cocked upward. I smiled at the site. We all
walked down the hall to our room my dad slid the key in and in we all
went. The room looked like the one I had viewed on the tour. Two beds
against the wall opposite each other two desks and two good size closets
were in the room. I noticed a good size fridge near Jason’s bed. Well guys
as you can see I haven’t unpacked He pointed to the mound of crap on his
bed. We can do it together maybe, he said. Sounds like a winner boys, my
dad said he looked back at me and asked if I had everything I replied
yes. Well see me down and you can see your mom and I off, dad suggested to
me. Nice to meet you sir, Jason said as my dad headed to the door. He
stopped turned around and said Mr. Robinson is ok to call me son. Ok Jason
smiled and nodded. I looked at him as I left the room. I felt ease in my
excitement, as I knew I might have a good roommate, and new friend. Mom was
still standing by the car when we came out of the residence hall. We all
hugged mom cried and dad wished me good luck. I headed back upstairs and
went through the door to my room I stopped almost dead in my tracks a porno
was playing on the TV and I could see a pair boxer brief covered ass
sticking out of the closet in the left corner of the room. I smiled and
realized this was going to be one hell of a fun new experience. I stood there almost giggling Jason Stood up he jumped as he took
account of my appearance. Sorry man I was just getting changed. His face
was all red. Its ok man if we are going to be roomies I guess we should get
used to seeing each other naked. He smiled and said right on man. So I hope
you like porn. Jason said almost fearing my answer was going to be not what
he wanted to hear. Yes man I love porn, when I’m not getting pussy I quite
often use it to Sexy Preteen Models
relieve some tension. He looked at me, Cool man we are
going to get along great, Jason said. Where you from he asked? Well “J” I
said. He interrupted me “J” huh kind of like that yeah-cool sorry go on he
said. Well I’m from so and so just an hour and a few minutes from here. My
dad runs the local bank and my mom is the head librarian. I have two
sisters older than me. I took a seat on the edge of my bed. Sure is going
to make it hard to jack off with you right across from me, J said with a
big smile. I’ll try not to stare I told him. So you have a girlfriend he
asked. No I have an x now I told him. Well that just means two bachelors
like me and you can just have the pick of the crop around here, J was
stuffing more close into his closet. I got up and started putting away
cloths to. So what’s with all the bags he asked? Mostly cloths I am sure in
the other bags my mom has went on a shopping spree. My parents believe you
should be ready for anything, I said laughing a little. We both
concentrated on Sexy Preteen Models
emptying are bags for the next few minutes. J got through
his clothes and set down on his bed. I was just about to open the big 3-ton
bag when he looked up at me. Hope they packed the kitchen sink, he
giggled. I don’t I hope it’s a Sexy Preteen Models car, in my dreams I thought I opened the
first compartment to the top a bottle of Jack Daniels plopped out. A not
read “To my son: I do not encourage you to drink but in celebration have a
shot for me love dad”.I pulled it out of the bag and held it in front of J. From dad what a good
man J said. By the looks of the bag and the ton of compartments this was
going to take a while.
Sorry for the length guys but please give me an email if you like the first
installment the next coming soon. We will be getting into some heated times
as soon as introductions are completed.
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